• Project management, supervision, engineering, fabrication and installation of a 1200mm / 48″ modular pipe extrusion plant.

  • Installation and commissioning of the plants in different parts, China, Germany and in the USA.

  • The timing of this project was crucial, as the client had already contracted to supply pipes to multiple customers.


  • Saen Engineering provided electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and project management of the the pipe extrusion plant and roller conveyors.

  • The project included plant design in skid form, site layout design, and the mechanical and electrical engineering and installation of machinery, for both plant and utilities.

  • Mechanical stress analyses were done to ensure the strength of the components and skids.

  • We supervised twenty technicians, ensured a high quality installation and provided the project with the required documentation.


  • Saen Engineering involved multiple stakeholders to ensure the best quality of work.

  • Multiple machines were placed on the skids in China and shipped to the USA.

  • Multiple months of project management took place on-site to commission the world’s first 1200mm skid pipe extrusion.

  • Documentation and reports were delivered and an operator training took place.

About the project

The modular extrusion plant can be moved to the client’s location.
Extruding pipe lengths from 6 meters up to 200 meters in one length.
Using lengths of 200 meters is a huge advantage as it saves 16 welds.

Project details

  • Mosaic Co

  • The United States of America