Mechanical Engineering

If you are looking for a mechanical engineering expert, Saen Engineering is the right place. We transform your complex engineering issues regarding mechanics into professional solutions. From idea to concept, manufacturing and commissioning.

We conduct extensive research into possible solutions to transform the issue into a feasible project. Due to our wide range of experience, we can guarantee a critical, systematic and efficient approach.

To present our solution to the issue, we use 3D models – demonstrated in artificial reality, virtual reality or a web-based video – in which we are specialized. This allows you to see every detail of the machine from every angle, making it seem as if the machine is already finished and produced.

We provide full documentation required to purchase the most suitable equipment and materials. Additionally, we provide extensive details about the project in production drawings, making it possible to build or outsource the project.

During the engineering process, we perform a stress analysis. That means we conduct strength calculations (EEM) in which the machine is tested for strength, stiffness, fatigue and deformation. This way we are certain that the machine we develop is suitable within your business.

Throughout the project, our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering a successful project. We aim for the best quality, safety and transparent communication.