• The client’s objective was to improve the plant’s capacity by 20%.

  • The task was to implement a new evaporator.

  • An important aspect of the assignment was that the client’s production could not be halted during the installation of the new evaporator unit.

  • The timing of this project was crucial, as the client had an increasing demand for its product. The new evaporator had to be commissioned within three months.


  • Saen Engineering was selected to provide engineering, project management and operator training for this project.

  • The project included the mechanical engineering of a new evaporator, heat exchanger and piping.

  • Mechanical stress analyses were performed to ensure the strength of the components and building.

  • Electrical and software engineering were performed in cooperation with third parties to ensure meeting the deadline.
    Saen Engineering modified the software during commissioning for ultimate performance of the evaporator.


  • Saen Engineering involved multiple stakeholders to ensure the three-month deadline was met.

  • Output increased by 20%.

  • The stress analysis revealed that the floor load was too high. Therefore, Saen Engineering assigned a third party to reinforce the construction of the building.

  • Documentation, reports and training of the operators were provided.

About the project

This evaporator unit is used to extract water from hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP).
It heats the HVP to 70°C, using steam on the bottom and sides of the evaporator.
The pressure of the evaporator is 150mbar, 70 percent of the water evaporates in 3 hours.

Project details

  • Confidential client

  • The Netherlands

  • ~500.000