• The client’s objective was to improve the capacity of the hammer mill by 20%.

  • In doing so, we had to implement a new design of hammers, shaft and sieves.

  • The products had to be ground to 0.5mm.

  • The project had to be a minimal investment.


  • Saen Engineering was selected to provide the mechanical engineering for this project.

  • The existing hammers covered only 60% of the surface. A new design was created to increase the contact area with the material.

  • Material was blown out of the hammer mill during production, a new pneumatic seal was designed.

  • The sieves were reinforced to function with the increased pressure of the new hammer design.


  • The size range of the grinding mill was improved to 0.5mm.

  • The capacity increase was 10% higher than requested. The efficiency of the hammer mill was improved by 30%.

  • Product is not longer blown out of the hammer mill.

  • Saen Engineering provided the client with a documentation package including test reports, 2D and 3D drawings.

About the project

The hammer mill grinds blocks of savory aromas to a powdered form.
The temperature of the hammer mills is important for the product quality.
therefore the hammer mill is cooled with liquid nitrogen.

Project details

  • Confidential client

  • The Netherlands

  • ~10.000