• The client’s objective was to ensure that the products in the tanks would not be contaminated with microorganisms.

  • Implementing a system that would minimize the risk of contamination.

  • The client’s production could not be halted during the installation of the system.


  • Saen Engineering was selected to provide the mechanical engineering and project management for this project.

  • A tank drying system was recommended to prevent condensation in the tanks.

  • The system designed by Saen Engineering was installed by a third party.


  • A dry environment for the product.

  • No more contamination of the product with microorganisms.

About the project

When the tanks were filled with hot liquids, condensation formed on the wall.
The condensation provides an opportunity for microorganisms to grow.
This microorganism can come in contact with the product, which makes the product unusable and will be rejected.
To prevent this from happening, Saen Engineering was called in.

Project details

  • Confidential client

  • The Netherlands

  • ~35.000