• The client’s goal was to reduce odor emissions and remove pollutants from exhaust gases.

  • The client’s activated carbon filters were inadequate and needed to be reengineerd.

  • Resistant to hydrochloric acid.


  • Saen Engineering was selected to provide the mechanical engineering of this project.

  • Improving the existing design by selecting the right materials.

  • Evaluating the new design with operators for an optimal maintenance experience.


  • Saen Engineering provided a full collection of 2D and 3D drawings.

  • The improved design makes the filters easy to swap and drain.

About the project

The activated carbon filters are made in HDPE to resist hydrochloric acid.
The filters are designed to be swapped during production.
Four filters are sufficient to remove all the odors and acids from the exhaust gases.

Project details

  • Confidential client

  • Brazil & The Netherlands

  • ~50.000