• The client’s objective was to improve the air quality in one of their assembly halls

  • Separating the assembly hall and the welding hall by using a fast-fold door.

  • The crane had to be able to run under the folded fast-fold door.


  • Saen Engineering was selected to provide the mechanical and electrical engineering and installation.

  • Saen Engineering designed 2x 200kg fast-fold doors each measuring 12 meters wide and 8 meters high.

  • Mechanical stress analyses were performed to ensure the strength of the components.

  • A motor drives a shaft of 30 meters. The shaft rolls up straps, which cause the doors to fold.


  • No more smoke in the assembly hall.

  • 2x 200kg fast-fold doors, controlled from an operator panel.

About the project

A temporary work platform was built on top of the crane, 30 meters high.
On top of the platform, a hoist was installed to lift the two fast-fold doors.
Saen Engineering installed the fast-fold doors in two days.

Project details

  • Damen Shipyards

  • The Netherlands

  • ~20.000