• Mechanical Engineering

  • FEM analysis of the model

  • Engineering a pipe pusher that can handle pipe from 250mm to 400mm

  • Rotatable head


  • Saen Engineering provided the mechanical engineering of this project

  • The design has three inserts per pipe size. The inserts are easy to attach, and no tools are required.

  • The design makes use of two hydraulic cylinders to open and close the pipe pusher

  • Mechanical stress analyses were done to ensure the strength of the components.


  • Saen Engineering delivered the design within a week

  • The inserts make it possible to fit any pipe or square bar up to 400mm in diameter/width.

  • 2D and 3D drawings were delivered to the customer

About the project

The pipe pusher can resist a sidewards force of up to 35000 kg.
For more information visit the website of Innovex

Project details

  • Innovex Technologies Ltd

  • United Kingdom

  • ~5.000

Mechanical Engineering