• Engineering and delivery of 25x 6 m hydraulic roller conveyors

  • Installation and commissioning support


  • Saen Engineering designed a special roller hydraulic roller conveyor that can drop pipe with a total weight of 50T and length of 150m

  • The project included mechanical engineering, fabrication and transport.

  • Mechanical stress analyses were done to ensure the strength of the components.


  • Saen Engineering involved multiple stakeholders to ensure that the quality of the machinery and the fabrication process would be cost-efficient.

  • Shipments were arranged, making sure the machines arrived at the required time.

  • Documentation and reports were delivered and an operator training took place.

About the project

The hydraulic roller conveyors are plc operated and automatically
adjusting to the right pipe diameter that is being produced by the
pipe extrusion plant.

Project details

  • Mosaic Co

  • The United States of America