• The client’s objective was to automate the filling process of products in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

  • Reduce the time of the operators when filling the IBCs.

  • Reduce product spillage.


  • Saen Engineering was selected to provide the electrical and mechanical engineering of this project.

  • The required components, such as the load cells, valves and pumps, were selected by Saen Engineering.

  • Electrical and mechanical installation of all components.


  • The IBCs were no longer overfilled.

  • Operator satisfaction increased.

  • No more product spills.

  • Easy to clean design with quick connections.

  • Saving of one FTE.

  • We provided documentation, reports and operator training.

About the project

The operator had to manually pour the desired amount of caramel into the IBC using buckets.
To automate this process, a pump with a scale was installed. All the operator now had to do was enter the desired amount of
caramel in liters and the system pumps the correct amount into the IBC.

Project details

  • Confidential client

  • The Netherlands

  • ~7.000